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Alantia is a 6 piece female fronted symphonic metal band based in Amsterdam. In their current line up they have been active since early 2009 playing melodic metal in the style of bands like Nightwish and Sonata Arctica. The 80’s influences from bands like Metallica and Iron Maiden can also be heard. The music consists of powerful guitar riffs, expressive keyboard parts and emotional singing. Catchy tunes are easily followed up by songs with a more complex structure. After the initial demo release in 2010, Alantia has spent most of its time playing gigs. Playing with other dutch bands and also some European and south American bands. At the same time the band spent time writing and rehearsing new material. September 2012 saw the release of their first full feature EP “Remnants of a Dream” Featuring their new singer, and overall more complexity in the songs. Having had a successful release party in Amsterdam and other shows throughout the country they are currently working on their first full-length concept album about the legendary travels of Willem Barentsz to Nova Zembla. Alantia is symphonic, melodic, has it’s very own unique style and sound and is ready to take on the world.